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Legal. Medical.

Over 25 years in the medical field, the proficiency as a Legal Nurse Consultant you need.

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Laurie Morgan, MSN, RN

Founder - LAW Nurse Consulting LLC


With over 25 years in the medical field, and in a variety of clinical settings, Laurie has the proficiency you need in a Legal Nurse Consultant.


Her 25 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings and roles makes her stand out in the field of Legal Nurse Consulting. Laurie has clinical proficiency in medical and surgical units, home health care, labor and delivery, developmental disabilities, education, and behavioral mental health to assist you in a variety of medical-legal matters.


Having worked with nursing students in skilled nursing facilities, Laurie has the ability to simplify complex acute and chronic medical diagnoses. This will greatly reduce the time you will need to spend on a case.


She is excited to work behind the scenes to help you prevail in all your medical–legal cases.

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 Cost-effective services to help maximize your client's settlement

Case Merit Reviews

Determine if there is a case, saving your firm time and money.


Medical Record Chronology

Today’s electronic medical records are cumbersome.

We can identify what your attorneys need to know.

Identify missing records.

Fact Summary Reports

         Identify possible defenses and red flags.

Provide a nursing opine on standards of care, physical injury causation, and medical mishaps in the records.

Audit Trails

Look at the electronic health record “behind the scenes.” This can identify tampering with the record.

Demand Letters

A statement of injuries caused by the accident. This will include medical bills and lost income before going to trial.


Trial and Deposition preparation

We can work with your clients to help your team support their needs.


Individualized graphic reports in Excel and MS Word

Graphics can help your team and a jury visualize the story.

Identify testifying experts to strengthen your case.

Medical billing review and summary

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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